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All Eyes Turn Elsewhere, Pleading
a long gap elapses
no sound but ellipses
your silence eclipses
takes over the space
are paralyzed, fearing
your peers not forgiving
the priv'lege they hear in
your quivering speech
your ancestors made you
their sins are what gave you
all that you believe you
have earned honestly
the time comes to tell of
your thoughts on this hell of
injustice you're the
in the room
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Mature content
The Zombie :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 1 0
Mature content
Jager Pinup: Vole :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 0 1
Ingalill Ref :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 0 0 Poke Puffs for Mew :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 3 0 Seuss Spider :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 0 0 Hold Onto the Sun :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 0 0 Ingalill Outfits :iconarachnakid:Arachnakid 0 0
You Are Worthy
Whatever your sex, gender, sexuality
Whatever your race or ethnicity
Whatever your size, shape, religion, or creed
Whether you're poor or rich
Well or sick
Old, young or in between
You are worthy of
Human Dignity
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For Us To Be Here
A five-year old child
Saw a slideshow in black and white
Like a silent horror flick
Pictures depicting
Captured misery
The teacher told them,
   "This is our history
   and our disgrace:
   these people displaced,
   erased, their gods defaced,
   their voices silenced and their ancient ways
   as we stole their children,
   banned their religion,
   stamped out their language
   and called them inhuman.
   We made promises
   we never intended to keep,
   murdered whole peoples
   and left the survivors to weep
   driven like sheep to where we
   gave them permission to sleep."
That wide-eyed child saw and heard
and their heartbeat punctuated every word
and when the teacher said,
   "That was all in the past.
   I know it seems awful but it's just the facts.
   It's so sad that
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Fight or Flight
I want to escape
But there's nowhere to run
So I will stay here
And stand my ground
For those beaten down
For those not yet born
For those who gave up
For those who fight on
For this is my home
My love is my home
And no fires of hate
Can burn it away
And no iron bars of prejudice
Can lock it away
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I've been REALLY busy with school, activism, writing music, and drawing NSFW stuff I don't post on DeviantArt, so I haven't been posting things here much. My mental health hasn't been that great tbh...I started self harming a few months ago as an alternative to worse things. There's a lot of conflict in my life right now between what my parents expect of me and what I want to do with my life; despair at all that is happening in the world and to me personally versus hope that it can get better; struggling to communicate when the divisions between people are creating so much vitriol, so much hate, that talking to them makes me physically sick; feeling guilty for not being out there marching and feeling paralyzed with panic at the thought of going. Feeling like I have to choose between creating art and doing "real work" and trying to perhaps find a compromise without letting the "message" overpower and make the act of creation a chore. Feeling my identity shredded, every piece dissected and destroyed by people I've never even met in person. Feeling like if I am not working every second of every day to make things better, I am a burden to the others who are. Trying to take care of myself while feeling like even the most basic care is indulgent and lazy. Talking to counselors for months led to jack shit. I feel like I'm in quicksand and the best I can do is maintain the level I'm at; any lapse and I will sink further, and no matter how I fight I never seem to get any closer to escape. I'm terrified of the world, of the kind of hell I have to go through just to survive. And I find it harder and harder to believe that surviving is worth it. I've been here before. Over and over again since I was twelve years old I have come to this juncture and made a choice, and chosen to live. Just a little longer. Just to see what happens. And what has happened is the slow unfolding of the kind of horrific dystopia I hoped I would only read about. I am learning as much and as fast as I can about the world around me, and the more I learn the worse it gets. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare: the kind where you try to run, but your body won't move; you try to scream, but you make no sound. There is no waking up from real life.
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I have been part of the DeviantArt community since I was 15 years old, experimenting with different mediums and learning new ways to see the world around me. I'm a full time college student, hoping to major in either English or linguistics. I am an androgyne, and use they, them, their pronouns.



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